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Java Training Program

This program is geared towards helping you get to an intermediate skill level in Java programming. The bootcamp covers all the core components of Java, including Servlets, Hibernate, and Spring, using a mix of theory and practical exercises. You will work additionally on two real-world projects to solidify your learning towards the end of the Java Training Program.


Interactive, Multi-Mode Learning

Exercises, lectures, and projects - all put together meticulously by our experts to help you learn Java the easiest way possible.

No Getting Stuck!

Our experts are available to coach you through whenever you feel you’re getting stuck - this is why we have a near-perfect completion rate for this course.

Certification Coverage

In addition to a skill upgrade, this course also prepares you for the official Oracle Certified Associate—Java SE 8 Programmer certification.

Code From Home

The entire program is delivered online, and you can attend lectures, practice, and get help right from the comfort of your home.

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Heather Doucet

Software Engineer

“ I knew nothing about web development and I had no idea where to begin. My teacher was able to break down a concept that was completely foreign to me so that I could understand it easily. He also really helped me a ton with my final project, which was building a prototype for Best of all, the part-time program was flexible enough to fit in with my busy work schedule.”

Heather Doucet

Program Flow

You're Here
Get Started with Java - Core Principles and Language
Gain an effective understanding of the building blocks of the Java programming language. This will enable you to write basic programs.
Dive Deep into Java's Advanced Features
Master the concepts of everything from Generics and Collections, to Multithreading, to creating GUI components and managing Regular Expressions with Java.
Put it all together in the Final Project Work
Incorporate everything learned over the course of the program by executing project work .
Certificate of Completion

Our Online Curriculum

Download Program Packet
  • Introduction to Java, JDBC, and Hibernate

    • JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)

    • Hibernate

    • Java Servlet part 1

    • Java Servlet part 2

    • Java Server Pages

  • Java Spring and Web Services

    • Spring AOP

    • SOA and Web Services

    • Lambda expressions

  • Core Java

    • Core Java Basics Introduction

    • Java History

    • Structure of JAVA

    • Basic Programs

    • If, ifelse, nested if,else if

    • switch While,do-while

    • For Break,continue

  • Arrays and String

    • Arrays

    • Multi-Dimensional Array

    • Strings

    • StringBuffer,StringTokenizer

  • OOPS Concepts

    • Introduction to OOPS

    • Class and Object Declaration Methods

    • What is Constructor? Types of Constructor

    • Relationship Between Objects

    • By Using Reference

    • Inheritance

    • Method Overloading

    • Abstraction

  • Interfaces and Packages

    • Interfaces

    • Multiple Inheritance

    • Packages

    • Exception Handling

    • Build-in Exception

    • Multithreading

    • Runnable Interface

  • File Handling using Java

    • Streams & Files

    • File Class

    • Wrapper Class

  • Java Classes and Regular Expression

    • Classes used as wrappers

    • Generics & Collection FrameWorks

    • Vector, HashMap

    • Examples on Reg. Expressions

    • Regular Expression

  • Java AWT

    • Frame, Label,Text Field,Button

    • Listener Methods

    • Window Panes,JFrame,JLabel

    • Adding Image to JFrame

    • Applet Life Cycle Working with Graphics

Project Work

Project 1

Banking Project

Module 1: This module accepts user id and password and authenticates the given credentials with the database.

Module 2: By accepting the type of account user's details, an account will be created. Perform the debit and credit transactions.

Module 3: Accept credit card information with the desired details and authorize the credit card amount. Display transactions of the account based on a given date range (For a Particular date range).

Project 2

Medical Store Project web application

This is a Web-based application that is implemented in the java platform.

The main aim of this project is to develop a medical service for Medical Data Storage.

To buy medicines we need to go to medical shops or call using the phone and there are many stores which work 24 hrs. To reduce this gap we implement a medical booking store through which all medical records are stored in a database.

GUI should be proper so that stocks are maintained and can have all data in a fraction of time to the Medical store owner.

Our Elite Instructor

  • instructor

    D. V. Bala Subramaniam

    Corporate Level Java Trainer

    5+ Years of Experience

Career Prospects

Expected to grow by 26% by 2028, Java is still by far an in-demand programming language that software developers must have in their skillset. With the world's largest companies having their software, platforms and tech-infrastructure running on Java, choosing to become a Java Developer is choosing a career of stability.
Annual salary
Annual salary
Annual salary
Annual salary

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What version of Java is this program based on?

    This program is based on the Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) 8.

  • What sort of software and hardware do I need for this program?

    You’ll need a computer capable of and installed with the Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 8 and Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) 8. To attend the online classes, you’ll need access to the internet (8 Mbps or more preferred), and a pair of headphones and a mic to communicate with the instructor and with your classmates.

  • What are the prerequisites for this program?

    A basic knowledge of programming is preferred. To get comfortable from day 1, we’d recommend you to take up our Java Basics online course. This is a self-paced course and is available for free to interested learners.

  • How are classes conducted? What happens if I miss a class?

    Our classes are conducted online using standard video conferencing tools, with class recordings made available to you on our learning management system for a year after the course. If you miss a class, you can easily go through the recordings for that class by logging in to your account.

  • What do I get at the end of the program?

    In addition to intermediate-level knowledge and skills in Java programming, you’ll get a Certificate of Completion of the program from us.

  • What is the Oracle Certified Associate—Java SE 8 Programmer certification about?

    This is an official Java Programming certification from Oracle, and is a globally recognized Java certification that has become a standard for Java programmers worldwide. Our Java program fully covers (and goes beyond!) the curriculum for this certification.

  • Can I get the cost reimbursed by my employer?

    Although we do not have formal tie-ups with Organizations, we see quite a few of our learners getting their training costs reimbursed by their employers. The Certificate of Course Completion usually needs to be submitted to the employer for any reimbursement requests.