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Project Management Professional (PMP)® Guarantee

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Guarantee

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Pass the PMP Exam with us or get your money back!

GreyCampus has always been up-to-date in its teaching methodology and is a premier Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of PMI with certified instructors who have taught hundreds of cohorts. Having successfully led thousands of students to pass the PMP exam in their first try, we are confident in helping you crack the 2021 PMP exam as well!

1. It is mandatory that you attend attend a complete 4-day bootcamp as part of the PMP® Certification Training. This applies for the first as well as each of the subsequent attempts you need to take (if any).

2. You must take the PMP exam within 1 month of program completion.

3. Students who do not pass the PMP in their first attempt may request to retake the course by contacting Customer Service. To qualify for a retake, students must share their PMP exam score sheet to GreyCampus in the format requested.

4. Students that qualify for a retake can then enroll for free in any 4-day bootcamp offered during the six months from the date of score sheet submission.

5. Students retaking the course are required to re-use the study material and books provided as part of the original program session. Subsequent requirements for the same material will be charged.

6. Students must retake the PMP exam within a month of retaking the PMP program.

7. In case of a requirement of a second retake, steps 3 through 6 can be followed again by the student.

8. If the student fails in their third attempt, a refund can be furnished upon request. To request the refund after failing the PMP for the third time, the student must share the scoresheet with a letter requesting a refund within six months after the third failed exam.